13 centuries ago in Europe were Muslim-Christian harmony



Nrbijnanira in the south of France, recently found some buried in the Muslim pracinatama. The idea being, these are not just phranserai, the oldest tombs of Muslims in Europe. They were found in the tomb of Christians “out simetrira. Anthropology of the French online magazine “pielaoesa One” (plasa One) in a research report has revealed.

The researchers examined the skeletal nimasa some of the city’s kabaragulote the bodies were buried facing Mecca. Radiocarbon tests confirmed skeletons, bones of the seventh or eighth century. Another of the study, there were dead people purbapururasara inhabitants of North Africa, who is called “Berber”.

The issue has created a new question, when in fact the Muslims in Western Europe had entered. Aiberiya Peninsula, the Muslim empire existed until 1492. Muslims and the West has a long history of governance. Researchers are barbaradera discovered skeletons. Europe into North Africa and the Arab army was mixed with them barbarara. However, there is no evidence of wounded bones discovered skeletons.

A researcher at France’s National Institute of Anthropology and head of the research project on gleji Yves said, “before we had the idea, in the eighth century, Muslims in France may have entered. However, we did not have any evidence. “

At the beginning of the eighth century, the Arab Umayyad dynasty in 719 AD, Arab armies from mainland Spain and now France raided the French city nimasa “is right. The city was under the Roman Empire. Battle of Tours in 732 (Battle of Tours) Muslim forces defeated the French troops. This is an epoch-making event in the history of the West is seen as. The Muslim conquest of the Christians to try to defeat the fortress was destroyed.


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