Unwittingly been taking makeup mistakes



There you will be invited to a wedding, birthday party you will be there, pretending to be friends wedding anniversary-will-you will be old friends riuniona? That is why we are always so much to myself. It is essential to keep themselves and the makeup. However, at the end of the ceremony had makeup on your skin, it can not be forgotten about him. At the end of the day is a very important job to raise proper makeup. Otherwise, the skin becomes rough, dirty and dim. We are taking the time to properly clean makeup makeup of a sudden we got something wrong. Let’s put that knowledge to the failings of knowing the makeup properly clean.

1. Makeup is not completely clear

Maybe he was busy cleaning up the remaining makeup, and slept with it on your skin will dry the skin, which can be seen as a reason for the dihaidreta. In addition, skin sweat and bacteria on your skin throughout the night along with the rest of the makeup of these appear to be the major cause of loss.

II. Wipe makeup (wipe) is not to be used to clean the face with klinjara

Many people think that, after using mekaapaoyaipa klinjara do not need to clean the face. But in fact it is a misconception. Wipe clean face with cleanser to use makeup to another, and finally with water to clean the mouth of the well.

3. Wipe ekatimekaapa (wipe) all the makeup Cleaning

Wipe clean all your makeup for a makeup is not enough. Wipe the face with a different makeup, eyes, lips mekaapatolara appropriate method to clean separately.

4. Is not fully clear to the eye decoration

Many people think of the eyes, around the mouth, there are very few places, but not so left eye makeup perfectly clear. This is a false idea. Eye skin is very sensitive, so it is very important to remove eye makeup as well.

5. Do not use makeup remover is right for withdrawals

Eyes, face, lips and makeup remover to take a separate service. Makeup remover is not the same with all of the different makeup remover correctly use.

6. Makeup is used to make hot water

Do not use hot water to take a makeup course. Using hot water will dry your skin or skin to skin incision would gradually.

7. Do not use cleanser according to your skin type

According to the type of skin, which is very important to use klinjara. We all know that oily skin and dry skin klinjara can never be one. Therefore, when buying makeup remover for your skin type remover buy without heads.

8. Do you have a ph level of magnitude esathika klinjara

Usually cleanser or makeup remover to 5.5 ph level should be used. Many remover or cleanser to forget about the time of purchase. Ph level in the absence of proper levels of security can damage your skin.

7. Use of Harsh scrub

Do not use makeup to make skraba of Harsh Harsh anekei feel good to make the kind of makeup scrub. In fact, it is not correct.

9. Rubbing his face with a towel Cleaning

Our facial skin is very sensitive. He never rub your face with a towel on the facial skin not clear. Dry mouth would water down lightly with a soft towel. Always use a separate towel for face and soft cleaning.


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