A full health check is essential for human health



A full health check is very important for human health. Dr. spoke. Md. Hossain. He is engaged in treatment in California.

Q: What is the first step in the review body?

Answer: First, when a patient comes to us, we do not have the patient’s full history. How is the disease, when it is, there are long history is taken from her. After taking a family history is taken. However, his family did not have the disease.

His past history is taken. Whether the disease had never been before, it is known. Its medical, sarjikela two is history. The woman was taken to his narisbasthyera itihasatio. His professional history is taken. He does not smoke, does not drink alcohol, are also known. Or whether those drugs are known. After they asked, did not have any more problems.

The next stage of the review of the system. Each of the organs was seen. If the patient comes to cough, I asked him, did not have asthma, bronchitis, what was not, was not an allergy.

Review of the system (monitoring system) is taken in phases. Begins with the eyes. Did not have the corner of his eye problems. Did not have the problem of blurred vision. He did not have a headache. Each system (system) was asked by the state.

Q: This is not just confined to the history, physical examination there is what?

Answer: After the physical examination of the history. History taking, physical examination, we do. In this case, the test is complete from head to foot. Whatever the problem is, why bring all the organs are examined.

Q: What is sufficient for diagnosis?

Answer: After taking all this information and then let other diseases. For example, a man may be brought shortness of breath. Check to make sure we got asthma. And if more difficulty dealing with, such as fever, cough accordingly, we’re going to see them.

Q: Is there any subject can be examined for diagnosis. If they said.

Answer: After the diagnosis, 90 percent of the cases we understand what has happened to the patient. 10 percent, depending on the test. Blood tests may be done the calculations. If you need to have a chest X-ray. If you do not need them, or any other test.

Question: The public is very familiar to a complaint, the doctor gives you a lot of experimenting. How would you explain this issue?

The doctor is the patient’s ability to take the idea of ​​seeing the physical condition of 90 cases of the disease. I’ll test without a diagnosis, it is my skill. Diagnosis for more emphasis to be tested. However, if you do not you say it was a lot of time could be a problem. Check or money to waste. Our trials will be appropriate.

Q: Tell us a little about the importance of the patient’s full medical examination.

The test is complete, a man came to a doctor. Physicians need to know about the new course of treatment. Ones to be tested, should be no antibiotics, the doctor will have to pay when you need to know about these things. The new treatment, doctors must have knowledge of the situation. Her primary care (primary care) will understand.

Q: What is the importance of our country is in the context of the patient’s complete health check?

Answer: There is not actually done this yatnata. I returned home and saw hundreds of patients. 1 pm until midnight to see the patient. Many of these patients came from far away. Without payasatei see. This test is not a full-fledged health. Many experiments are still not satisfied patient. The primary care level and at the government level should have an education. If the doctors are training in this regard.


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