Keeping in mind the child’s right!



To the parents of the child’s overall mental development of character-based According to the experts. So the children are doing during the day, enough attention to these matters is important to keep in play. The goal of the overall development of the child is important to keep them: 1. School children usually higher is the priority issue. They always say the school has 3 good friends. 3 things they dislike not fail even to speak. Therefore, at the time working mothers were asked about their children after school. II. Bus travel time to ask whether you feel bad. 3. What exercise or exercise at school today had he known. 4. 3 No 3, as well as the good work he has done. 5. What he has done today better than yesterday? 6. Who gave him pleasure to school? Whose conduct he has a lot of trouble? 7. What’s on today’s breakfast? 8. What he learned in school. It could be a word, a story about his friend and himself. 9. Happy because he did not work any better? 10. His father and mother did not like any of the action. The question that you have not inquired about that child, but a lot of them will increase in learning and curiosity.


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