The food was upset



To stay healthy and nutritious food is good there is no alternative. In short, a healthy body, healthy foods. And a healthy body means a healthy mind. However, there are certain foods that may or upset! Even more amazing is that there are some foods that are healthy, the sick mind like experts. As discussed below, certain foods are: Refined or refined sugar: refined or Refined sugar-rich foods increase blood glucose levels, and as a result of a sudden there was a kind of illusion; It will affect us. The result is upset, dedication decreases and sleep problems. Processed foods: processed foods such as bread, pasta and other processed snacks are foods that we eat often. Our blood sugar levels are impacted. As a result

, irritability and sadness or depression occurs. Fried food: fried chicken, French fries, fried kyalamari, fried cheese sticks, etc., fried fast foods are often haidrojeneta. The material is a kind of trans fats; Which is specifically responsible for depression. The blood flow in the arteries of the brain, blocking fat foods syacureteda creates. Additional sodium-rich foods: excessive sodium-rich foods in our neurological systems or harmful effects on the nervous system. Which is responsible for depression. The same may be reduced due to the body’s immune system, weakens the body easily. Caffeine: According to health experts, a very small amount of caffeine, the heart of man is depressed. As a result, people are easily upset. In addition, caffeine is responsible for insomnia. Insomnia and depression disorders mass may increase the problem.


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