Buying things that are totally unnecessary for newborns




At present, the availability of products for children and infants unborn children and their new parents bought a lot of things that had filled the room. Most children do not like any of these things, but it is harmful to the child’s health. So, before buying something for newborns require some precautions. Let’s see some of the things that no purchase is required for the newborn.
1. Babies pillow
There is no need for your newborn child’s pillow. In fact, if the head of a weak baby pillow suffocation drowning if a child can be. Children’s pillow is used to create a wide variety of things such as tharamokula ball, mustard seeds, null or cotton. If for any reason you rushed selaita pillow may be the rub. Dr. Ashwini Clinic. Gitanjali Shah said, “null newborn baby stiff neck pillow used because it can be equally dangerous.”
II. Baby Walker
Walker used for teaching children who are walking tantamount to disaster. The former president of the Indian Association of Pediatrics. According to Rohit agaraoyala, creates a hazard to the child’s buttocks kramabikase Western countries such as the UK, Canada banned the use of children in walkers.
3. Changing Tables
No need to purchase a separate table to change the baby’s diapers is not. Take a rexine rather than buy or napery. Reksinera time to change diapers on a baby in the Saru. However, changing diapers kakhonoi the children do not go anywhere alone.
4. Head Band
Phulayukta baby head band which is available for planting now pretty much a little bigger than a newborn or a child is much better led. But this band can cause a lot of pain. So the baby’s parents bought a big mistake plastic hair bands.
5. Pacifier or cusani
He said. According to Rohit agaraoyala, use baby pacifier or nipple kanaphiusana cusani create mukhagahbarera structure is interrupted and the future dental disease can cause stomach ache and invites infection. Remove it from the list of necessary baby.
6. Fancy dress for children
We do not need no fancy clothes for newborns. Cotton short, tight clothes is good and safe for him. Fancy clothes, rashes and infections can create the elements of the child’s body.
7. Baby powder and moisturizer
Internationally certified pregnancy, lektesana and Child Nutrition Counselor of the golden sibhalanira, sugandhipanya a wide variety of uses such as moisturizers and Tyalakama newborn baby body powder can cause allergic reactions and infections.
8. Toy Animals
You do not really need any toy for your newborn baby. Animals accidental suffocation if the baby bed, toys and the like might be a problem with fur baby breath-breath can cause problems.
9. Designer Baby Bedding
Designed specifically for baby beds are usually very soft and deep. Infant lying on the bed instead of the firm in general, because it’s just the way back to form. The American Academy of Pediatrics for children in separate beds, blankets, stuffed animals, or does not allow the use of a pillow. This item increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS her.
10. Perfume detergent
Detergent for washing baby clothes expensive to use different spices there is no need. With ordinary detergent to wash clothes that family members are recovering from the work to remove the detergent to wash clothes with your child.
Therefore, the safety, health and economy for both the above mentioned items should be excluded.


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