Mental development of the child’s father – his mother Things to do



With the birth of a baby is born the mother-babarao. As the child begins to develop a good try. New parents may not understand how much time the child will develop as well.

Certain rules can not be done. Because the path is constantly confronted with a new situation. Some rules, however, your child will be healthy and beautiful environment is taking its support for enhancing the mental

Spend time with the child –

Childhood was spent in the blink of an eye. Fill your baby’s childhood days in touch with you. Play with him, went to visit a relative’s house, somewhere far away, come back. Your relationship with the child is the love and faith.

Teach Morality –

Teach children honesty, responsibility, understand, teach you to respect your elders. He was convinced to be patient all the work. This will create a firm base of his life through education.

Socialization Education –

How to teach how to mingle with others. When it is no problem to solve their children while playing days. How to show respect for the opinions of others, teach it.

Samayanubartita –

The child to eat, sleep, and play at specific times of day. He will learn samayanubartita.

Build the habit of reading books –

Cultivate the habit of reading among children. Give the gift of her new book. Reading a book at the end of the book want to know about him.

Praise –

His praise for any good work, no matter how small it is. Do not ever reprimanded for bad deeds, Explain how the job should have.


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