Or lap 7 to take the newborn to see the subject should obey



When a new child in the family with him, did not disappoint. Friends, relatives and all new members are eager to see the child. Little hands, little feet, little interest in the man’s lap, everyone works for. However, to see the newborn to take a lap time or a few things you should comply. Check some advice on this topic.

Not smoking

Cigarette smoke harmful effects on the health of the baby. This may be due to allergies. So when you see the baby before or certainly avoid smoking.

Do not take lap

If you do not take nabajatake lap very close relative will decide. Because the parents may not like to take the child in his arms. Do not let children kiss ever. The germ can be spread.

Wash hands

If you wash your hands in the lap of the course will then take the baby in her lap. Many children become infected with the parasites quickly. In addition, the market for many types of hand cleaning liquid medicines jibanurodhi available, you can use them.

Not more than perfumes

Using higher doses of perfume do not go to the newborn. Riayakasanera it can cause allergic children. If you can not use the best perfumes.

Do not let furry toy

Do not let the furry toy baby gift. The child may be respiratory problems. Posakakei than in the newborn toy is considered to be an ideal gift.

If you do not get sick

If you’re sick, do not go to the newborn. Children have less resistance to disease. The infection can spread. After recovering went to the nabajatake.


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