Your job is harmful to health? Take a little quiz to learn through



Are you happy with your job? How much you can take in case of job stress? How much stress is harmful to your health, what do you know? Many of us do not think of health are working. This is risky for your next job. Let us know your job through a small quiz is harmful for your health.
1. How do you go to your workplace?
· Bike, walk or run, (ii)
· CNG bus, or (4)
· Own car (6)
II. When you get the boss phone or mail, the first thing that comes to your mind?
· Called for a meeting to remember. (II)
· Wow! I think he has. (4)
· Save me. (6)
3. What is bhajapora and tea in the morning meeting?
· No, my colleagues are aware of all health.
· Yes, but I do not eat these foods.
· Yes, and these foods are eaten.
4. You can take lunch break?
· Take a 30-minute lunch break. (II)
· Take an hour lunch break. (4)
· Worked in and ate lunch. (6)
5. With colleagues went for tea?
· There is a group of my own, are going to drink tea with them. (Ii)
· Sometimes, if you do not have much in my hands. (4)
· Do not boring to spend time with them. (6)
6. How many hours a week do you work?
· 40-hour, daily work time. (II)
· More than 40 hours. (4)
· More than 40 hours, even if it works until midnight. (6)
If your score 1
If you are doing a job well. Workload could harm your health. Workload’ll be able to give you time to yourself and your family. Helping you stay healthy.
If the score 4 out of 13
Your work will be a little more flexible. Do not always sit in a chair at a little out of the Visit. Spend some time with co-workers. It is your job as well as the boredom of spending a lot that will help you stay healthy.
Score 5 from 36
Whether you think this will work? This service is great for your health is harmful. This is death. If you do not plan to remove any plan to change jobs.


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