Marking authoritative fashion women’s right



The appearance of age and the body of a little girl came baralei authoritative expression. And then go to a festival or a party many people linger. No one that I tried hard to cover it with makeup.
Today, there are some tips for them, which can be heavy, marking women as remarkable others.
Shirt or vest
Stay away from tight shirt or vest. The more you look fat. Instead, wear loose clothes. All the better if you can wear cotton clothing. Thai and hip fat than other parts of your body, then wear a long shirt. The part of the body that are covered. That does not mean, however, loose shirt, put on some baggy. A few wear loose clothing.
Wear salwar-time rules, but the opposite. Remember, loose-fitting salwar it is not at all. But it will take you more fat. Wearing trousers and a thin slender waist to show up. Saloyaratio again, not too tight, should be ensured.
During the course of heavy silk or cotton sari sari Avoid wearing. Instead, chiffon, crepe or georgette sari wear. If you have more than a frill at the waist and abdominal fat, do not. Kachata abdominal swelling, but it will be more.
Avoid wearing blouse blouse emabrayadarira time. Instead, wear printed blouse. It will show you a lot of lean. Avoid back over open blouse. Sleeveless and short sleeves will not be on the list at all.
Avoid light-colored clothing. Instead, wear black or dark-colored clothing.
Wear the right jewelry. No light can wear as bracelets or bangles. This will narrow your hands a lot. Avoid the heavy jewelry. And some do not even wear earrings, neck, so all eyes are on you.
Get the right hair style. Keep the hair tight bind if opened.
Wear proper shoes. Anarkali salwar kameez or sari with stileto can wear. And those who can not walk, they stileto Palm shoe wear. It will lean on your feet a lot.


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