6 great diet may help prevent breast cancer!




A lot of well-known cancer and cancer of the breast cancer is deadly. The World Health Organization believes that in the coming breast cancer by ২0২0 asankha could be much higher than today. In fact, in the next few years, one in every eight women seem to have the risk of breast cancer.

This fear has been estimated by the Indian Council of Medical Research. Breast cancer is a complex disease, and dietary and lifestyle factors along with as many of these diseases can be caused by genetics. A healthy diet may reduce the risk of breast cancer in a huge way. Battle with breast cancer, malignant cancer cells in certain foods helps. Let’s breast cancer will help some great food do not know about this.

1. Yellow

Curcumin is a compound known as turmeric, which contains different types of cells, such as breast cancer, gastrointestinal, lung and skin cancer by protecting cells. Studies have shown, it is widely fight against cancer cells because it has anti-inflammatory properties and may have ayantiaksidenta protektyanta and reduces the risk of cancer.

This improves the sensitivity of conventional cancer chemotherapy. Every morning on an empty stomach you just add to your diet, or a little yellow powder with water, a pinch of turmeric raw turmeric Curcumin can enjoy eating. In addition to water, 1 tablespoon turmeric powder mixed with half a kilo of boiled for 10 minutes every day you can drink.

II. Salmon

An oily fish, omega-3 fatty acids that salmon contain higher amounts of cancer and slow tumor growth and the promotion of the immune system. At the same time, salmon is a lean protein, which is a source of vitamin B-1 and D.

These components provide the necessary nutrients for your body and helps in cell growth control and cancer prevention. You can fish salmon boiled, or fried bhepe can eat. Good benefit, should eat salmon at least two days a week. In addition, other oily fish, which helps prevent breast cancer is the myakarala, Sardine, trout, and tuna fish.

3. Tomatoes

One study found that tomatoes reduce the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women is quite beneficial. Tomatoes contain a powerful ayantiaksidenta laisopini reduce the growth of cancer cells and prevent the development of breast cancer.

According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, laisopini stop tumor growth and prevent abnormal cell growth. Laisopini other growing cancer, such as lung and stomach cancer cells acts as a barrier. To enjoy the benefits tametoke you can eat without cooking mashed or processed. However, a half glass of tomato juice daily to get good results should drink.

4. Garlic

Rasune sulfur compounds and flavonoids present study helps prevent breast cancer. It breasts, mouth, stomach, and colon cancer cell death associated with the causes of cancer. Get more benefits, garlic kuciye 15 minutes and it should be used. Every morning, you can eat a piece of garlic, so you can get cancer-free life.

5. Spinach

Palansake ayantiaksidenta has luteina esophagus, pakasthalira plays an important role in cancer and breast cancer. It is rich in manganese and kyaratinaiyeda unstable molecules called free radicals in your body removes. Women should eat spinach, so a few times a week reduced the risk of breast cancer. Salade spinach, soup, can be eaten boiled or fried. Leaves spinach or other greens, such as lettuce, kale can eat.

6. Walnuts

Akharote many helpful nutrients and reduce the abnormal growth of breast cancer tumors. Marshall University researchers asked almost every day to eat two ounces of walnuts. As a result, breast cancer, it helps to change that reduces the activity of many genes.

To get rid of these foods in your diet to breast cancer as well, always take the doctor’s advice.


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