Some easy ways to do hair khusakimukta




Ah, so beautiful hair! What gorgeous! Do not listen to what is said in lagekintu this sundura hair is dandruff, dry skin instantly our heads because your joy habesadharanata into the ground Even the hair on the scalp is dandruff, eczema or dandruff fungus attack also can be the life of the urban matrara dust and dirt from the skin of our head and it becomes dry dandruff shampoo Anti -dandruff there are many types of birth parebajare saba shampoo that is effective nayabijnapane khusakike drive as fast as you can, in fact, but the sooner the dandruff from our head if you can not really causes is also considerable. So let’s do it, let the domestic khusakike jene so that there is no domestic panthagulih


Espirinerayecheekaiupadana (salasayalika acid) which syamputebyabaharakarahaya Anti -dandruff So two aspirin powder mixed with shampoo every time you use shampoo head espirina mixed with shampoo to keep in mind: 1 minutes and then rinse out the shampoo without the need to re-aspirin.

Tea Tree Oil

Studies have shown that the use of dandruff shampoo with 5% of the total tree oil is very effective ejanya to remove the tree a few drops of oil to your normal shampoo mixed with regular shampoo to the head.

Baking soda

Kicenei you have the magic to eliminate dandruff. Baking soda, rub it on the scalp with a wet hand, put it. Do not shampoo wash the matha. Baking soda will not grow phangasake the skin of the head, your hair may be rough for a while. However, do not worry your head kayeka within weeks of natural skin oil on your hair and make normal but, in the meantime there will be no dandruff.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar’s acidity ph level of the skin, changes in your head that makes it tough phale fungus can not grow. The Quarter cup apple apple cider vinegar, mixed with a quarter cup of water spray bottle and spray it on the scalp of the head with a towel to keep around 15 minutes to 1 hour. And, in general, and to shampoo twice a week to adopt this approach.

Mouth Wash

In fact, the very bad condition when khusakite, head of the alcohol-based mouth wash off with shampoo wash hair conditioner can be used erapara. Mouth Wash NT phangala element of janmanoke will prevent the fungus.

Coconut oil

Use coconut oil to remove dandruff shampoo matha essential well before you head massage with coconut oil will have to wait for an hour. Normally they will have to shampoo.


Two tablespoons of lemon juice with a head massage paniye wash. Then again, one spoon of lemon juice mixed with one cup of water, should be washed off with water. It was not until the dandruff, as will regular.


Chece garlic by hand massage on the scalp before shampooing will do. To remove the smell of garlic can be mixed with honey. Garlic prevents dandruff reproductive bacteria.

Olive oil

10 drops of olive oil on the scalp massage shower head around all night to keep the cap and shampoo in the morning should be.


The above described method is very simple and effective. The use of the material has been used, which has no side effects. So one of the ways in which you will safely. Either way, however, do not regularly. Your hair will be more sparkling khusakimukta.


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