Of children and spinal pain remedy



Today’s children are tomorrow’s future, children are the nation’s spine. So our children is very important to be healthy and strong. Many patients are now aged between 8 and 15 years. Their main problem is pain in the spine. To determine the cause of the pain, we’d get a view to verifying the patient’s history

1. Every morning to go to school with their bags full of books, can be seen in many cases the child’s body weight is more than the weight of a bag full of books! This bag can carry more weight back mansapesigulo child becomes stiff or rigid.

II. There is no physical exercise in their daily work. Such as the morning goes to school with bags full of books, computer games, then returned home a little bit, and then, as usual, came one after another tutor, school homework and then sleep come to an end, all agree that there is scope for the overall sports or physical exercise he said.

3. Many of the child to sleep in a comfortable bed phomera was thinking about it seriously harmful for the baby, because the baby’s bed phomera can change the shape of the spine.

The reasons behind these children mansapesiguloke very weakens the spine, spinal pain, which is responsible for the children.


The weight of the child’s school bag is portable, should be ensured.
Regular physical exercise will take baby steps.
The baby should be enough time for sports.
Baby bed in the bedroom will be tough, otherwise normal spinal structure may change.
After all the children affected by pain should consult a specialist doctor without delay.


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