Saif dropped, Arjun will marry Kareena!



Kareena Kapoor Saif Ali Khan were bound together before marriage. Shahid Kapoor’s cousin was in love with her a long time ago. Their family is doing well. However, some in the middle of the Nawab jhamelai warm.
The Nawab’s wife Kareena Kapoor, Arjun worked together with the pair. “What and ka movie the pair have played together as husband and wife.
Achievement of the film can be seen in the role of husband. Kareena will be seen in the world to earn the income.
Several films can be seen close to the scene, Kareena and Arjun. Ekasanga played well in the context of the film praised Kareena Arjun. Although the reputation of each film artists have been performing artists.
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Recently, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun’s hand-cooked meal feeding. And so his love for Arjun has increased.
Kareena was cut, I am impressed at the efficiency of the house of Arjun. I leave Saif Arjun will marry!
However, her relationship with Saif, Kareena duck chalei or the crack has started rumors about bitaune. Saif Ali could not, however, any statement about this.
Kareena and Arjun is a discussion for quite some time. Kareena, Arjun phoned late at night a few days ago. And therein was ksempe Saif.
He has sasiyeo. Arjun was not just another night to remind his wife to call. Moreover, much higher than that of the Saif Kareena Arjun age.


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