YouTube is’ sankhacilara trailer



India’s National Film Award-winning filmmaker Goutam Ghose’s new movie ‘gulls’ will be released in Bangladesh and India, will be released at the same time during the whole day. The movie trailer was released on YouTube on March 13. Bangladesh and India’s West Bengal censor certificate has not already, “gulls”. Tollygunge bound pair in the first film and the actress Kusum Sikder Prasenjit Chatterjee. Also starring usasi Chakraborty, Arindam Sil, estimate Rahman Khan, Dipankar Dey Chatterjee priyansu. The first can be seen in the trailer, climbing swin

g samjhabati a child actor in the film. After his conversation with Prosenjeet flourishes through the partition image. Kusum Sikder and starred in the film Prosenjeet samjhabati daughter. Rupsha his character’s name. Rupasai main character of the story. In addition to the trailer Mamun Rashid Sikder prasenajit and yolk can be seen and Shahed Ali. The film was co-produced by Impress Telefilm film and blessing. The two artists for the promotion of the film samjhabati Kusum Sikder and is now in Kolkata. The story of the film has been developed in the context of the 1947 partition. The next time the partition border,

human happiness and sadness have been highlighted in the film. Mid last year began “shooting sankhacilaera. Bangladesh and India are going to work in some places. The film was co-produced with the third of Gautam Ghosh. Earlier, Padma Nadir Majhi ‘and’ nurture ‘has been hailed by the construction of massive popular manufacturers.


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