Mehzabin buzz of-kin


Do not come to that because so-called film star Mehzabin Lux. However, the story of the mind, the character and the director said, if you can consider the case. Earlier Mostafa Sarwar Farooki a film about it, but no one was stopped for an unknown reason. There was no discussion of the sinemaparaya mehajabinake. Suddenly, the film is finally lekhacchena Mehzabin rumors on social media. In contrast to the hero Shakib Khan also discussed period. Tracing contacted with mehajabinera rumors. When asked about the authenticity of, she said, I do not know anything about it. Fact of the matter ‘, which does not marry his pomp, Neighborhood not sleep, “the proverb. I do not know that you’re no longer in the picture with Shakib Khan! I did not talk to anyone about it. I said before, I still do not have no interest in conventional commercial genre film. “However, a different literary genre film star said to have wanted.


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