Ranbir Katrina on solid relationship with Kareena



We always talk about personal matters sbabalila actress Kareena Kapoor. Aareka Celebrity Kareena Kapoor family of cousins ​​Ranbir Kapoor. It is reported that Katrina and ranabirera relationship over several days or broken. However, there was no statement from anyone in this regard. However, Katrina and Kareena friendship is more or less well known. The friendship with Ranbir and Katrina on whether cracks were asked to Kareena. This friendship did not affect the relationship between the bit Kareena said. The Hindustan Express quoted the actress said. After the breakup of the relationship ranabirake question was whether any of the suggested Kareena. Kareena, however, did not comment on the issue because, in his words, “a mature and sensitive personality rabanira.” News Times News Network –


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