Foam frog skin burns treatment




Frog skin foam used in the treatment of burns patients, scientists said. They said the frog in this phomera severely burned skin can be successfully treated. BBC news. Foam frog floating in a home in which the animal protein is dispersed in the form of bubble. Trinidad and Tobago Tropical frogs produce the foam. And it was his failure to protect the eggs. These experiments have shown highly durable foam and the foam is not harmful for the skin of the human body. Liverpool are one of the UK’s Society for Microbiology meeting of the results of this research are highlighted. Who led the study said. Hasakinsana Paul said, “We initially became interested in the frog phomera because large amounts of protein in nature and the environment, then it is a good source of food for micro-organisms or may be maikroarganijamera. When you think of the idea that there may be some elements of which can prevent bacteria to break down and may phomatike. Then I started researching it. Let’s try to see how these elements and dissolution until the adhesive on the phomera how wrong we can apply pressure. “He added,” Then we contacted a chemist. He said the phomera mixed with some drugs it can be applied on the skin. He applied to the human body for drugs, they had exactly the same kind of foam production. “Scientists say the frog using the foam, which can be used to create a synthetic foam the charred skin does not come into contact with a bandage. Now they are trying tairirai synthetic foam.


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