Kill pedals that can run on motorbike!


iiuuUnrivaled role rather quickly reach the destination. The journey jbalani hazard occurs when the oil runs out. The rice was looking around the filling station. The trouble this time has come to get rid of motorbike pedal system. The new eco-friendly electric bike called “Bolt motarabaikasa. It will be an electric battery. This pedal can be run or even put to death.

The electric bicycle is running at about 40 miles per hour, the agency said. Bolt motarabaikasa ryasamusana CEO Josh said, ‘Bolt’ like a normal bike can be parked in any place. It has a GPS for the safety of the facility. Therefore, changing the position of the bike immediately after the notification will come to your smartphone. If you want to use for the general bicycle U-lakao can be used. However, this will not be a key matarabaikatite. It has been used instead of keys to open the safe,

‘password’ system. Writing code directly from the smartphone or bicycle dyasabordei entering the secret code will be introduced in the bike. It also includes the sports mode change from an economy mode. 0 miles per hour to run, but the economy mode, sport mode and can run at a speed of 40 miles per hour. Once in the mountains, about 30 miles to the charge, but the company expects flat road bike has to be more. Bolt electric

bike to get the buyer to pay 5500 (Rs 4 lakh 40 thousand) US dollars. Overall, shipping and other costs were also a few hundred “dollars will increase. To get the advantage of the home buyer to recharge the battery off the 50 (0 thousand dollars) to buy dollars adapter. This motorbike is currently only available online.


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