For security reasons, stopped in Uganda Social Media




Ugandan President musebhini abhisekake ahead of all the social media have been instructed to stop using it. One official said, social media, ‘heita Speech’ fear of social media, the decision was taken. This is not the first incident of social media in Uganda to stop. On February 18,

the eve of elections in the country this year, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter were closed. Internet provider in the country, the agency said social media has issued a directive to close them. “Telikana cash ‘(Roke Telecon) A statement of the company, our regulatory agencies Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has decided to hold off for security reasons.

Earlier, the opposition leader said on Wednesday. Kijja besigaiye of viral Internet rumor was sworn in. Besigaiye’s claims, February 5 per cent of the support he has received. But Uganda’s Supreme Court victory that musebhini.


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