You have lost interest in the work?



Job syatisaphyaksana “to understand a word of the book is now available patatei. Basalei to chat with a friend, the first thing, “I do not like to go to the office today.” Would have been nice if maybe somewhere else to work. That means you have lost interest in the job. In addition, most women control the family happens to be my job. Thus, many motibhetasana lose a point. Thus, if you do not enjoy working day after day, but decreases productivity. This new process is to be put back in the old.

1) Take as a target actions the next day. What to do in a note. They will not be the last. First, the target does not take too long. Once again the old will return to the target tinge.

Ii) Take up a new job. If you’ve been of that month as the end of the presentation, you may do something to help. Now remove itself. It will increase your confidence, and your boss will be happy with that. One thing to keep in mind. When you do that you get the recognition, not someone else.

3) Work to help others. Note, however, tend to work more in the interest of someone who does not use them. Someone else in charge of them, if you do not like to politely as possible.

4) the reduced interest in the job of politics or sexual hyarasamenata deyai, that weakens you mentally as well. Do not hold the office of the problems authorities said. Remember, where you have not done anything wrong, there is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of.

5) Think about the success of any of your old sometimes. How difficult was done. It comes back to his old self-confidence a lot.

6) Make Time Management. When you’re done, your attention should not in any way detract from the stay tuned. When someone else to worry about interrupting your work or causes crime.

7) Thanks to your co-workers sometimes days, to appreciate their work, and also ask why are appreciated. They want to be happy and make others happy, and there’s nothing like the feeling. In addition, it will be good for your work environment. They will be positive for you.

8) Work hostility like there is nothing harmful. At the beginning of the behavior of aggressive behavior will not be so distinguished. His position, try to understand his problems. Please help if you can. He worked with the aim to harm you, then take action artistically.

9) Do not act like robots. Chat with colleagues during lunch. You and your husband’s place of work or near one of the two recovered lunch together. Call a friend or a little coffee break. In this talk a few minutes, a few hours to reduce stress.

10) Do not work all day sitting in one place. It will be irritated. However, in such a way so that it does not become irritating to someone else.

11) Study the Internet whenever they get the time, read the article, see News. Increase the scope of his knowledge. It will make you more confident.

1) Look good to feel good. Office will not run on any day up himself. Light Cosmetics, little perfumes, will change your whole mudatai. One ordinary day a little like gold does not refer to the sari to keep up. You’ll like it.


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