58-year-old disabled Everest



He Bengali. Physical disabilities. Everest came into the discussion. Her name is Paresh Chandra Pal. He is a tailor by profession. India sewing clothes in the market through the Durgapur candidasa family barely run. At the age of 11 in a fireworks accident, lost his left wrist. But it was not been left behind. Keep the foot of Mount Everest, the world’s most uncompromising insistence at the age of 58 due to “put his foot in the top of the mountain. Wired magazine reported. Three Paresh Chandra Pal was trying to take advantage fingertips. He conquered Everest on Saturday morning. He has won many peaks of the Himalayas over the past 5 years. These are: kedaradoma, Gangotri II, and keara .5. The Gem Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports (pahelagamo) starts at the first training paresacandrera. The ensuing year, the Darjeeling Himalayan Mountaineering Institute also took a special training. In 1989, his first campaign. Since then, 14 operations so far have been successful.


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