The aircraft will fly from the garden



Imagine a passenger aircraft to be delivered from the power socket in the wall of your house, which will run through the house, a small garden to be flying so low that the sound will not be terai neighbors!

 The oval-shaped land vertically like a helicopter, the aircraft can take off and landing. As a result, it will be able to use the Helipad. CNN reports the Munich University Graduate ‘liliuma, such as a very thin, weighing plans to build electric aircraft. They hope that, by the year 2018 two-seat jet markets, but this would be possible.

 Meanwhile, after experimenting with a prototype of the plane weighing 5 kg was found success. At the end of this year we plan to complete a flight test to run.
 Four graduates of the University of Munich uyeganda Daniel Patrick Nath, sebastriyana Maine Born and mathathiyama ‘liliuma’ as a company. The plane is made from the company.

 The European Space Agency ESA said in a statement, citing Daniel uyegandera, thinking of developing a realistic and environmentally friendly aircraft.

 For everyday use as their main aim is to create an airline statement. In their own words, “We want to create a plane for the airport, which need not be as complex and expensive infrastructure.

“However, how much will it cost the plane has not been decided yet. According to the ESA, the size of the market at a lower price than other aircraft will be purchased and flown. The maximum speed of the plane four hours’ continuous and it may be up to five hundred kilometers, can fly up to kilometers. –


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