At what age do children need the food is like?



Every child needs adequate nutrition for proper growth. At every stage of the food needs of children from birth to be changed. At the moment most needed for the baby after birth the mother’s breast milk. A new baby is getting milk from its demand that all types of nutrients like. The quantity of children 1 infection and disease may be released from. Let us step by step, the food is no need to assume that the children of any age.

From birth to 6 months

Baby only breast milk for 6 months this is enough. Besides, he can not be given any food. That children receive adequate amounts of milk at the breast, they got all sorts of nutrients from breast milk. However, if a mother can not give the baby milk formula milk should be the case.

This time, just to be on the sunshine vitamin D for the child. Rodata morning children’s vitamin D needs are met.

612 months

In this time of growing children. In this age the child should be the mother’s milk. Breast can be up to two years. However, at this time should be used in other foods, baby. 6 months from the end of the meal the child can be given the same formula should be familiar with a variety of solid foods.

Start eating foods with iron. The Iron growth and brain development of the baby foods helps. Several times a day can give these foods. As an example, chicken liver pathologically children can feed mix. Or you can fish without having children too soft.

The amount of these foods will increase slowly. Home made bread in a little junk food acquaint the child with. They know the taste of the food.

Feed the children slowly be able to eat what they hold in their hands. Soft boiled vegetables or fruit may be the ideal food for infants. After 9 months of age, the child can give cow’s milk. Do not leave like this before. Moreover, 1 egg every day can give.

In the meantime, you can hodgepodge, should be equal to the amount of pulses and rice. And vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, mixing can be taken.

1224 Month

At this time for your child to eat a variety of foods from the group of the right time to time prayojanakhabarera. Child 5-7 times a day to eat at the same time. With all her family, and for everyone to eat a variety of foods from cooked foods to stay. The children will be able to practice well. Fish, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables and other khabaragulote child can be gradually accustomed.

Keep an eye on the food from small children. Please note that children must be fun to eat. Because they understand the taste of food.


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