Garbhei can kill the baby food



Sbadatai different mothers. However, a lot of things you need to know to be a mother for the first time. You know what is most likely the first preganyansite misakyareja or abortion? In most cases it is outside the physical complications due to inexperience. Avoid any food out to avoid abortion.

Although there are many good quality barley, barley barli early pregnancy may be playing misakyareja.

The first three months of pregnancy pempe raw boiled green papaya, papaya or papaya chutney cooking Avoid eating. Although bleeding can be a miscarriage later papaya.

Apasturita dudha healthier way than playing the bacteria spread from the milk. Milk should always eat well boil. Apasturita especially milk during pregnancy may bring up abortion.

Adhoya sabaji to keep the body healthy eating green leafy vegetables, such as an emergency, so vegetables can be misakyareja adhoya. Such as vegetables are eaten raw, especially the tomatoes, cucumber, onion, carrot, kamcalanka, lime wash before eating them will. Fetal infection, which is not toxic to the body washed vegetables damage.

Anarasa during pregnancy could lead to the risk of pineapple. The first three months of pineapple, pineapple chutney trebled the risk of miscarriage is playing. Maternity or diarrhea after eating the pineapple also can be seen a lot of allergies.

Cija gathered body fat cheeses. Fat jamale’s growth is a problem in the uterus. As a result, misakyareja go.

Crab, crab cinri pregnancy, shrimp or sea food to eat kholasaoyala the release. This is the kind of food allergy risk.

Although illegal, many people are still eating turtle turtle mansa Khan. But the turtle can be very dangerous during pregnancy.

Many people eat raw eggs, raw dima. If you have the habit of being pregnant to leave immediately. Half Boyle or poached egg is likely to take a risk. Eat boiled or fried eggs.

Mita never eat processed meat is not good. This meal could lead to cancer. Avoid during pregnancy so far.


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