Parlor house decoration



Makeup is home to many risk. Saundaryacarcakendre all the time, and neither can afford the time and do not have to pretend. How do you use before you can understand what has been suggested for natamdera rupabisesajna Afroza Parvin. He laid on the basic things at home can easily makeup.

So handy compact powder, pancake darker shade, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliners, makeup, lipstick, should be of, concealers, foundation brush and keep blasana. Cosmetics out of these Terms of Use. If you can make it at home mekaapadinera any occasion or extra oily skin, do not use the Foundation. If the spots on the skin with concealers and mix well with your skin.

The compact powder days. Let the skin fresh dekhabeebara dressed eye. Many people do not understand, Kajol and heat before use eye shadow or later. Rupabisesajna advice, above the eye, eye shadow will give the whole place. At that time, two or three shades of eye shadow can give. If you want to show off the beautiful eye through the eyelids completely Kajol day. The heat or painted should be at eye level or below.

However, the mascara, the eyes should be attractive to frequent. Once again, with a little bit of mascara, mascara day. Remember, at the time of mascara on the upper side of the upper eye should be raised. And the leaves do not stick to one another with the sort yayacokhera eyebrows as well. Aibro eyebrows with a pencil drawing of the dry mascara brush will scratch. You can use brown eye shadow to add extra beauty. The heat should be matte lipstick.

And at night you can use heavy lipaglasa. The lipstick on the lips for a long time should be of one shade darker than the lipstick with a lip to draw. The lipstick does not spread. The tissue should be taken down. If the powder and the powder with hand pressure can put lipstick again. Blasana came to an end, the harness should be used. If you want to hide the excess fat and cheek swelling or a darker shade of pancake can cover them. Apply a darker shade on the blasana can not be understood.


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