Day Sleep helps talented children



Parale children sleep on talent development. Researchers such information. The research was carried out in recent times.

Children’s lunch is very good sleeping habits. As long sleep better. Keep in mind your child’s lunch at the point exactly his wonderful works to increase the talent and retention. In particular, the child has started school yet, sleep is very important for them. According to a recent study it. Staff at the BBC and The Indian Express newspaper reported quoting.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts amherst seen that the process of teaching children at home before school starts from the parents, it is well to bear in mind, I would like to point exactly in the afternoon. Duklosa psychologist Rebecca Spencer and Casey and Laura kardajayela sahagabesaka two students said their research theme include at least one hour of sleep after lunch to increase capacity and retention of children’s early learning is very effective organization.

Reports are still going to school has started in Western Massachusetts, who conducted the study on 40 children Rebecca Spencer. To present the research results, he said, “We have research on it first. We showed, at noon the next point exactly something for a child to learn and quick to remember how important it is. “

As part of the study, the children were taught some things belataya morning. It was more like, ‘remember-remember’ play. The children were shown some pictures. Then it is said, what kind of difference between them and where exactly they are, remember it. Participating children were divided into two parts. A chance to sleep during the day and the rest were not allowed to sleep in the day. Those who slept for at least 77 minutes for them to have been given the opportunity to sleep. At night, however, was their normal sleep a night. Night’s sleep had no effect on their performance and what-not.

Studies, mostly disregarded yaoyadera sleep in the afternoon the previous day, the number of children. 35 percent of them could not remember it properly. And those who sleep during the day, they just could not remember the number to 75 percent. Recently, the National Academy of Sciences journal prasidinse results of this research have been published.

So researchers have been like for luring children during the day. Parale intellectual development of children will sleep on a regular basis, such as to lead a healthy life will be beautiful, according to officials expressed optimism. – The Dhaka Times


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