8 glasses a great makeup tips for users



People who regularly wear glasses with glasses fell quite danger. Because the clothes do not fit with the glasses. As a result of the use of glasses or even becoming slightly increasing age of the talks. Cosmetics beautifully placed under the nose of the glasses, looked in the mirror, many were disappointed. But a little understanding of the makeup and running some of these tricks may show you a lot more interesting casamatei. Triksagulo want to know? Let’s get to know then.

1) Dark lipastikah

However, if you wear glasses with thick frames, strong colored lipstick can adapt quite well. Eyes, wears glasses with thick frames with light harness the gorgeous dark-colored lipstick on the lips.

Ii) the right eye sajah

Many folks wearing eye glasses will not appear on the harness. But facing a lot like the eyes with glasses. Especially large increases are much more beauty in the eye of the eye petals. So wear your glasses when you apply false eyelash eyes. Or use a good brand of heavy mascara.

3) around the eyes mekaapah

If the attraction of the whole face, it automatically draws the eye glasses. Therefore, areas around the eyes will focus. Swelling of the eyes, dark circles around the eyes, reddish spots or use concealers to cover up.

4) False ailyasah

Fitted creates a lot of trouble. And all the time, it was not possible. So if you can not put an eyelash eyelash curl it.

5) The shape is bhruyera rakhunah

Shape eyebrows with the right glasses looks quite interesting. Take time and highlight the eyebrows and makeup properly. The form will change the face of glasses which can cope with.

6) out of the frame using the nayah aiseda

Refrain from the use of glasses frames aiseda outside. Very cleverly select glasses frames. Otherwise, the talks in a way that makeup can not be seen outside of the frame of the eye glasses aiseda. Aiseda outside the frame is pretty awkward.

7) Foundation aware honah

Ghasaya glasses facial makeup goes up. Kachata eye can be damaged. So be aware of the Foundation. Do not use anything extra. Shake off the excess of makeup and makeup blatim paper will absorb the excess oil. 8) Fit to frame it in such a way to frame glasses heat ailainarah will fit. The frame size can adapt to the size of the eye. And looks like it.


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