Suppose minimize abdominal fat



Abdominal fat is an uncomfortable for everyone. But in many cases, the exercise becomes possible to not busy.

However, there are certain foods that put abdominal fat diet will help you drop a little bit.

Tropical almond:
Kathabadame plenty of protein and fiber. Until a few almonds for a long time to keep the stomach full. As a result, less hunger.

6-7 pm and 4-5 pm at 11am every day, or eat almonds.

Studies have shown walnuts to lose weight does not accumulate in the body fat.

There are plenty of apple fiber. This abdominal fat accumulation is not easy. Apple to accelerate our metabolism

It provides plenty of minerals and vitamins.

There are plenty of vitamin C kamalate. So whenever you need something sweet to eat for weight loss will eat an orange.

Peyarateo like apples are high in fiber. So by eating guava guava season, you can control a lot of unnecessary increases in abdominal fat.

Diseases, excess weight and daily necessities to keep enough vitamin C for two myrobalan.

There are lots of omega-3 fatty acids, flax seed and linseed oil, fish oil, which is more than a few times!

Lots of omega-3 to increase the rate of metabolism of the body due to the linseed is no jury. 1 teaspoon of linseed oil per day playing

You can see a significant change in your body.

Green tea:
At least three cups of green tea per day to a maximum of 70, the body will burn calories.

sour yogurt:
Reduce abdominal fat, a lot of sour yogurt. Like Cultivate the habit of eating yogurt at least once a day to get results.

Oatmeal can keep our stomach full for a long time. So a little something to eat, and will not play for a long time.

Helps digestion and relieve constipation problem. The abdominal fat very quickly began to decline.


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