10 And the strange thing in the world to ban



A study last year came up with a variety of materials in different parts of the world to ban some strange information. Tunisia banned the import, such as a pencil. There are also rules that banned all over the world more strange.

10 countries around the world to learn interesting facts about the forbidden scroll!

Guatemala – the police officers do not use any of the buzzer. The police banned the buzzer.

Botswana – batasoyanabasike to spread on toast is to search for the other. Jar of honey in the kitchen can not be found because they never existed. Honey is not allowed in the country are imported.

Algeria – Algeria coffin containing the body can enter without any issue. But the ashes of the burnt body of the container is full or empty containers, by no means outside the country will not be able to enter Algeria.

Peru – better, but not good. Vitamin supplements may be in accordance with that Peru has banned the import.

Switzerland – Swiss residents will be able to buy his own land lottery. But outside the country will not be able to bring any of the lottery tickets.

Iran – Iran has banned strictly fashion magazines.

Madagascar – a special place for fish. But less than one tenth the weight of the shipment in case the box must be preserved sardines.

Nicaragua – Nicaragua was a battleground during the Cold War. Communist literature has been banned from entering it here.

Uruguay – The entry of foreign glasses. Locals his own brand of glasses you can wear.

Bahamas – here to eat breakfast cereals Full fat milk. Skimada canned milk can not be imported from outside.


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