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Probably the most favorite people in the world, our mother, and the mother digit favorite sound melodious. You do not need a special day to love her. Yet for all the world to honor the mothers of the world, Mother’s Day has been celebrated for decades.

Today, 8 May (Sunday), the World Mother’s Day. The day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May each year worldwide. But somewhere in the country and from region to region, however, is different from the date of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day and the onset of the history:

Exploring the history of the goddess Cybele matrrupi worship of Mother’s Day began in ancient Greece, ancient romane worship of the goddess Juno, like Mothering Sunday in the UK and Europe, and several rites. Mothering Sunday was celebrated in honor of a certain foster mothers on Sunday.

This was the beginning of the Orthodox. Mother’s Day celebrations were introduced in the United States, American social worker, holding hands with a woman named Julia Ward Howe. In 1870, the American Civil War paicasikatara exceeds the expectations of peace, Julia wrote a declaration. It was known as Mother’s Day proklemesana. The announcement at the political level in

the Julia spoke clear about the duties and responsibilities of women in society. At the end of the war orphans, and the service was amalgamated with the United ribhija activist Anna Jarvis and her daughter, Mary Anna Jarvis. They began to celebrate Mother’s Day Julia Ward declared. But due to ill health brought ribhija Jarvis died on May 5, 1905.

After the death of his mother, Mary Anna Jarvis and her mother praying for peace in honor of the official campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day. Three years later, on 10 May 1908, the Methodist Episcopal Church in West Virginia aandreuja the first official Mother’s Day is celebrated.

The Church is now known as the International Mother’s Day Shrine. Karanesana ribhija white flowers brought great love. So, in honor of his mother and all the mothers of the two churches on the white flowers gave karanesana aana Mary Jarvis.

But there were aana Marie Jarvis did not stop. In 191, he established the Mother’s Day International Association. In the meantime, Jarvis Mother’s Day holiday and the day to give national and international recognition of the campaign. The campaign spread throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, South America and Africa. Then in 1914, his efforts were successful. President Woodrow Wilson, the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day and the day was declared a national holiday.

Mother’s Day is officially celebrated since then. Within a few years, but the dominance of Mother’s Day goes beyond the impact banyijyika day. Mother’s Day flower sales grew massively. US holiday became so commercial that Mary Anna Jarvis became the defendant. In protest against the desecration of the day, he spends all his property was arrested and opposed.

Mary Anna jarbhisakei the founder of Mother’s Day is considered the original. Mother’s Day all over the world these days, left sincere respect for the mother.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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