How will the growing baby food? Check the doctor’s advice



If your child has just started to go to school or have passed the age-group of 4-5. This is the fastest growing age. And now I want a special nutritious food. But a lot of parents do not understand the need to provide more food for child therapy at this age, or what is good for him. Dr. Hasnat spoke about the growing child needs to eat.

The biggest source of food energy carbohydrates. Therefore, children should eat more carbohydrates. In this context, Dr. Hasnat said, “The children should be starch and high fiber foods and sugary foods should be low.” Some foods high in carbohydrates match, he said, “bread, rice, sugar provides lots of alute. Your child’s diet bread / rice and potatoes must leave. “

Protein or meat meal form the baby’s cells, enhances the immune system and provides the body with the oxygen. With an emphasis on protein intakes Dr. Hasnat said, “meat, eggs, milk, pulses, meat contains a lot of Nut. One or more of your growing child’s diet should be available. However, children do not eat more than the amount of red meat and more meat, milk, eggs to pay more. “

Vitamin A:
Dr. Hasnat said vitamin A. Needless to say, the need. In order to fix the baby’s eyes, for its proper growth and to enhance the immune system of vitamin A. There is no alternative. Carrots, pumpkin, mangoes, ripe papaya, mango, watermelon, fish oil, sweet alusaha many foods contain vitamin. “

Vitamin C:
Dr. Hasnat added, “work to keep the blood vessels, for the formation of bones and teeth Vitamin C plays a unique role. So the baby’s daily intake of vitamin C should be. Guava, orange, lemon, star fruit and strawberry tart with a variety of foods rich in vitamin C is. “

Dr. Hasnat referring to the need for calcium in the body of the child said, “there is no alternative to calcium for the formation of the baby’s bones and teeth. Nerves, heart and blood circulation is very important for accurate. Milk, yogurt, spinach, various fruits, plenty of calcium are found in a wide variety of greens. “

Children must be iron-rich meal. Nuts, beans, liver, red meat is the main source of iron.

Fat Baby important source of energy. Fat must have child’s diet. However, warns Dr. Hasnat mother, father and said, “baby fat to the food, but moderate amounts of course. Too bad the increased weight of the child will bear fruit. “

And of course, every child will have to drink plenty of water.


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