Tiffin’s summer school



The food has been eaten safely hear the winter, the heat, but a lot of those foods might be indigestion. This may be looseness. Therefore, more attention should be on the list summer children’s school meals. The study chotachutite busy summer kharatape their daily water and electrolyte needs will increase a lot. As a result, the child’s diet must contain enough drinks and food will be bland. Outside food must be avoided as much as possible.

Excess calories in the body to cope with the weather this season will increase the demand of some antioxidant and disease-resistant. So the choice of food in awareness among parents. At the same time, you need to create awareness among children. Since a large part of the day is spent in the school age children would be healthier school lunch. Keep in mind as well as the food. This summer school for children in the school lunch food choices can create the following things in mind.
School Box
1. He will be out for the day how much time children should be in accordance with the water. Sea water is also important to regularly clean.
II. Seasonal fruit with lunch from home may give the juice. Watermelons, melons, papaya, bell like to choose from. The first class will have to eat the broth interval. Otherwise, the taste of juice, a little change can be softened.
3. Sometimes you can drink coconut water as well. Before the cold from the fridge will be times when a little refreshing coconut water for a long time.

Tiffin school sweetheart
Tiffin school sweetheart
4. Box not only with apples, orange, guava, mango and other seasonal fruits as you can with the slice. Can you give plum, star fruit, such as fruit. A little pepper or mustard made with fruit pulp would like to eat.
5. Avoid fried snacks. Place the vegetables instead of meat dominates khabaradabare.
6. Food diversification is very important. When the baby is reduced as monotonous as Tiffin attract external interest and love for food may increase.
7. In the course of considering the child’s likes and dislikes of Tiffin Place.

The period
1. Make sure to drink enough water to stay in the house’s period.
II. Keep a daily diet of vegetables and some seasonal fruit. Note that there are two or three colors Sabuj other vegetables or fruits. The different colors of vegetables and fruit is necessary for the body provides a different antioxidant.
3. The day-night breakfast dishes as well as more fluid and water to keep food. Avoid heavy meals and stodgy lunch or dinner.
On a hot day without food due to carelessness bowel disease, typhoid, jaundice are at risk of being infected with the disease. Problems may arise from skin problems such as acne dishes. A balanced diet and proper proportions awareness of these problems could save a lot of risk. I do not eat fast food or outside food or rebuked for not Explain Do not force the child. What are some of the functionality of the children, and what health foods. If you need to create awareness among them.


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