Just 1 minute to create a great perfume house



Perfume, “a lot of men and women like cosmetics. The smell of the perfume brands available in the market are different. But what’s your favorite perfume or the perfume What is your personality? The perfume can not be used all the time everywhere. Indeed, you will not aphise strong perfumed. Again magnificent party light, simple as incompatible perfume.

 Your personality flourishes, such as clothes, perfume is the case. Perfume will give you a clear motivation to be perfect. A good perfume is the scent of your dehajure 10 hours or more. But sometimes the choice of perfume is not available in the market. Many people use perfume on the skin rash may be in the market again. What would have happened if he would have taken it as a sugandhita? The three components can be made with just a minute of your favorite perfume at home. Let us assume that, one way is to make perfume minute.

Which will

An empty spray bottle
Vanilla Essence cinimukta
Essential Oil (Lavender, Rosemary, Jasmine)

How to Create

Wash well and spray bottle. It is best not to use any old perfume bottles. Because it goes to the old fragrance. So try to use a new spray bottle.
Pour vanilla Essence empty spray bottle.
Ensesiyala oil of your choice, please add it. Lavender, Rosemary, Jasmine, Rose Essential Oil that can be used.
Now, like a shake and mix very well.
Then spray a portion of the back of his hand upside down to see the wonderful smell of a perfume has been created.

Where to find

Vanilla Essence will be available in shops around us. However, you should use a good quality vanilla Essence. Vanilla Essence will be cinimukta Abyasai. Essential oil can be found in any major suparasopa replayed.


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