Tips to hide the age of 17 for girls



Time passed quickly. Means cuts in our old age. It is to accept that the age that we can not hold. But to some extent we will be able to hide age. So let’s assume that hiding the age of 17 tipasa

1. Eat good quality honey three times a week at night and rub on the face wash.
II. Of course, drink regular water.
3. Avoid unhealthy foods.

4. Favourite places or recreational travel.
5. Does not deceive. Soon you will be aged love, deceit.
6. Spend more time with lover or boyfriend.

7. More than his own age, people who spend more time with.
8. Think positive. Age impressed face negative thoughts.
9. Leave a short reclining jaw. Authoritative facial expression will be gone.

10. Practice standing up straight with the spine.
11. If you get the chance to dance.
1. Smile more open mind.

13. Love of books from the heart, trees, sky.
14. Stay always energetic and lively.
15. Sleep rules.

16. Brksajata eat more food.
17. Never go figure. The means to make myself fat old.

Inshallah calalei follow the above tips, you are easily able to hide his growing age.


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