The boys some advice to solve the problem of hair fall



Hair fall is a very common, but in recent times there has been a serious problem. However, it is not just women’s issues. Hair loss at an early age for children is a cause of great concern. Kenona with age, but the natural process of hair loss baldness teenagers or teenage boys want to read is one of the most embarrassing and painful. Thyroid disease largely responsible for hair fall. Anemia, weight loss reduced to just eat can cause hair fall. Additional balanced meal instead of fast food, chocolate, and even hair loss nutritional deficiencies may be required to play. Byakabrasa boys for a long time combing the hair is usually broad forehead. There are many reasons to read byakabrasa bald head.

Let us assume that the way to solve the problem of hair fall can be boys. Hair to keep hair clean can be a major cause of bad habit to clean your hair regularly. Take care to prevent hair fall and hair on a regular basis. Grime buildup of dandruff on the scalp hair is not washed regularly, which is the leading cause of hair fall. Keep in mind that you use shampoo to wash the hair must be light. Adequate protein is a major component of the formation of our hair keratina, which is made of a type of amino acid protein. Of course your body to grow new hair will need to supply sufficient amino acids.

Fish, meat, cheese, milk, eggs – Try to keep at least one of these in your diet every day. Soybeans, beans, bananas, nuts, etc. The material can get. If you can not provide nutrients to the outer Remember, nothing can save you from falling hair. Vitamin A Vitamin A is essential for the recovery of the body, not just us, and it’s very important for our hair. Vitamin A is beneficial to the skin of the head, and the supply of serum vitamin A helps to grow new hair on the scalp blood circulation increases. So if you want to prevent hair fall, first make sure that your body gets enough vitamin.

Taking zinc and iron zinc and iron supply of oxygen to the skin the greatest role in our heads. The hair on the scalp is one of the reasons responsible for falling short of oxygen. So to stop hair fall and take more zinc and iron. Such as beans, nuts, liver, meat, milk and you need zinc and iron exists. Do not forget to keep the food in your meal. Water may be recognized as one of the reasons for hair fall in your body water shortage or a tendency to drink less. If you want to prevent hair fall to the first body adequate water supply. Try this small will reduce the hair fall is already too much. Massage oil to reduce hair fall tips of the hair oil massage for you to be more effective. Essential oil with some time on your head, such as almond oil

, olive oil or coconut light massage. The head of the skin will be healthy and will reduce the amount of hair fall. Do not wet hair combing their hair wet hair is more than the amount recommended only for those who do not amcarabena. Wet hair is very weak, a little longer anyway pull the hair came from Orthodox. So dry and then comb the hair well before. Try and use a large tooth comb. Onion, ginger and garlic juice is a natural way to stop hair fall onion, ginger and garlic to choose one of these three ingredients for hair care. You can only get the benefit of onion juice exploring the hair. Green tea acts as a weapon against hair fall green tea can help you.

T-bag in a cup of boiling water, boil two Green water to cool. And this is going to be cold for the rest of panituku gorasaha your hair and the hair and wash it with a 1 hour wait. Please follow this procedure once a week to get better results. Fenugreek Fenugreek can stop hair fall you can come in handy. 1 tablespoon soak fenugreek seeds overnight in water and apply on the morning squat. After half an hour and wash hair with a light massage. You’ll see the amount of hair coming down. There is no pair of neem leaves neem leaves to stop hair fall. Apple cider vinegar mixed with

a little fresh neem leaves and apply on the squat. After a while your hair with mild shampoo to remove dhuyate. Follow this procedure twice a week to reduce the hair fall. Comparison does not grow new hair on black cumin black cumin. Now we hear from black cumin oil available to buy on the market. If you want to use on the black cumin oil, black cumin can eat again if you wish. If you want to prematurely bald head must be covered with smoking and alcohol do not tell you today, smoking and alcohol. Smoking and alcohol intake were contaminated blood on the

scalp and hair fall due to lack of blood supply to the extent seen. So first of all, refrain from smoking and alcohol consumption. Additional think the boys are responsible for hair fall is one of the causes of excessive worry and suffer from mental trauma. Try to keep yourself happy kid ourselves enough. Keep in mind that the skin on your head, no sweat does not dry out the accumulation of extra time. Additional ghamabhabao hair on the scalp is responsible for reading. 


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