Eggs and honey hair care



Eggs and honey hair is quite effective. Eggs and honey mixed together to create conditioner. You can use hair conditioners to provide full nutrition. Let’s get to know, healthy, beautiful and gorgeous hair will be how to make it in two tablespoons of olive oil, one teaspoon of honey and take two eggs. Micro that can be heated in a bowl of honey and olive oil should be mixed well.

 Microwave oven to heat to simmer the mixture for 30 seconds. (This step can not be mixed with eggs.) In the meantime, two of the warm egg mixture with a fork to mix the mixture well. The hair on the scalp and hair roots is divided into four parts by gently massaging the mixture should be applied as well.

 The head mrtakosa come up. Wait for 30 minutes with a comb hair combed the whole mixture should be spread anything. Then rinse well.


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