On the benefits of eating raw gram



We all know about the quality of the raw bengal gram. About 18 grams of protein per 100 grams khadyapoyagi cholaya, about 65 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams fat, 00 mg calcium, vitamin A and almost 19. micrograms of vitamin B-1 and B-II has plenty. Cholaya also different types of vitamins, mineral salts, including magnesium and phosphorus. There are also many other benefits. Gram high protein meal. Raw, cooked or can be eaten without cooking curry. Green gram soaked, peeled, raw meat with ginger and antibiotics will be playing with the same body. Protein makes people strong and healthy. And antibiotics fight against any disease. Bengal gram dal is that some of the amazing properties: a pulse gram nutritious.

 It is an excellent source of manganese and malibedanama. Follett and there is an abundance of food, fiber cholate with the protein, tripatyophana, copper, phosphorus and iron. To reduce the risk of heart disease: Australian researchers showed that total cholesterol and bad cholesterol foods gram for linking can be reduced. Both soluble and insoluble fiber, which has cholate kind of food reduces the risk of heart disease. Fiber, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6 helps to better cardiovascular health. As a result, lowers the risk of heart disease. Helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, which is a branch of amsasamrddha.

 One study, for every 4069 people who eat gram mg, 49% decreased risk of death from heart disease. Blood pressure control: A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that all the young women who eat higher amounts of folic acid can reduce the tendency of hypertension. Cholaya as well as the amount of folic acid plays gram easy to keep blood pressure under control. It also helps to keep the heart in women after bayasasandhi gram. Blood circulation: Another study found that for every 12 cups of pea, bean and pea eat can increase blood flow to the arteries in their legs. Moreover, the aisophlabhana cholaya iskemika stroke increases the efficiency of the artery.

Cancer prevention: Korean researchers have proved that the amount of food with folic acid by taking the women from the risk of colon cancer and cancer rektala can keep redeeming ourselves free. The prevalence of folic acid reduces blood eyajamara reduce the amount of allergy. So eat regularly and stay healthy gram. Ramadan: During the month of Ramadan iftar meal is popular gram. Bengal gram is consumed in our country in many ways. And strong body, strong, stronger bones, disease resistance is essential for the growth of the role. It contains plenty of potassium.

 Cholesterol: cholesterol reduces unnecessary gram body. Most of the fat or oil palianasyacureteda bengal gram of fat, which is harmful for the body. Protein, carbohydrates and fat in a variety of vitamins and mineral salts are more than cholaya. Constipation away: cholaya food-amsao quite. The fiber constipation cure. Fiber is not digested food. Thus, to overcome the esophagus. Increases the amount of toilet and bathroom are so soft. Diabetes beneficial: there are 100 grams cholaya: about 17 grams of protein or protein, 64 grams carbohydrates, 5 grams carbohydrates or fat or oil. Karbohaidetera bengal gram carbohydrates or low glycemic index. Therefore, bengal gram sugar in diabetic patients.

There are about 00 mg of calcium per 100 grams cholaya, iron, 10 mg, and 190 micrograms of the vitamin. In addition, vitamin B-1, B-II, phosphorus and magnesium. All of the body comes in handy. Yaunasakti growth: growth of yaunasakti important role. The accumulation of mucus in the respiratory cough or older is better to be dry fried gram. Gram or boot sakao very beneficial for the body. There are plenty of these cholaya and bengal gram herbs dayatari fiber or fiber. Dayatari thin fiber is fiber intake, constipation away. Kamayah bengal gram of blood fat, mostly silt anasyacuyeteda fat.

 Not bad at all for the fat of the body, but also reduces blood fat. Low glycemic index carbohydrates operate cholaya away feeling troubled due to enter the body after a restless feeling goes away. Disease prevention: the raw, soaked gram of protein in the body and plays with raw ginger is to meet the needs of antibiotics. Protein makes people strong and healthy and that antibiotic resistance to disease.

These food components are called thus: the burning of sulfur cholate. Sulfur hot to head, hands and feet to reduce irritation. They also operate spine pain vitamin A have enough bio. Vitamin B spinal pain, reduces neuronal vulnerability. Gram highly nutritious. It is a significant source of protein. The meat is almost equal to the amount of meat or fish.

So if the fish flesh does not require dietary gram. Brings skin polishing. Green gram is very beneficial. However, the bengal gram pulse fried foods are better to eat less. So regardless of gram understand the power of digestion.


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