Let’s correct Language



Four-year-old child’s face suddenly heard somebody silent Tum! Raised forehead and looked at him. Looking to talk to him to convince him that the idea is not Hindi. Before you say anything, his expressionless face and gave encouragement to speak, you kept quiet.

If you think the situation is rush? Not at all! Created for a long time, before your eyes, but your crime was not noticed. When young people see, hear, that attracted him, and he would lean toward normal. So when your child watching too much cartoon Hindi, Hindi movies or TV series to see if anyone’s home and where he will sit down on a regular basis, then you have to be careful.

¬†In simple terms it, the story went on to say that while it’s not language Hindi words in his mouth. Let’s see what the program was useful to him in Hindi, but those programs are affected or how much he has changed his words and behavior whether or not stay tuned. Of course these problems should be solved quickly. Otherwise, the situation will go out of your hand, the child will enter the text in English or Hindi, Bengali script, and you will be in great danger! Take the time to be so controlled.

As a parent of the child ultra-modern English is the main language if you want to. Her own mother tongue to be accurate knowledge, skills, whether you want it. He will teach language skills to bring down the Rose Bengal, from small to memorize grammar rules will be heavy, but of course it is not.

 Learning to learn it by itself. One of those, but make sure children are learning from it whether it is right. Which means you never know when to say suddhata, keep the sound synonymous with the other. When to know the right things the right way talks is known.

From an early age children to English medium students tend to be weak in Bengal. It’s one of the unwritten rules of the talks. But if you refuse to do so, they are out of school as much as possible to keep him close to Bengali language. English efficient practice of the English language would make it, but it does take a certain time.

Or in some cases, will talk to him in English, such as homework or study time to take the time to talk to you in English conversation, a process to remove the child. He’s always going to be in English, and the applause is quite happy about it, when you know the Bengali language jholata zero, the talks did not fall from the sky.

There is nothing wrong with the child, that he would stay in his mind for more than a case of the brain, such as home tie. Language about the same thing will happen, that he is most express in his own language that will become a regular. He showed at the beginning of learning, and no idea of his own.


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