Your kids do not sit easily read?



As well as parents of students per teacher is a little like the children to be careful and watch the results will be. Some of the strategies to the rules can lead to the child. A close friend of the father of the child from the mother. Therefore, the study of mothers of children over time to be patient.

The most important thing is that the children receive the proper amounts of a balanced diet. Because food is essential for physical and mental development needs. Therefore, children should be a regular habit of eating nutritious food. If you do not practice, they just do not like to eat the request. Or tell stories while playing all kinds of nutritious food should be feeding habits.

Just as children need to sleep every day. Throughout the day, children can be seen that the game is full of dust. If you do not come to the attention of the rest of the amount is due at the end of the day. So, just as they should be sleeping. Do not read too little read continuously throughout the day. They will be encouraged to read the midst of the game. Moreover, they had eaten, as well as much-needed sleep. If you do not sleep for the rest of the day will be from fatigue.
Let the kids play on a regular basis all the time without the pressure reading. Children’s mental and physical development is essential for athletes.

Build their confidence. It tells the story of advice, whether it be through. They also will be able to study with joy.
Do not scold or beat up pretty try to understand. Remember, children love, affection treated easily accept any bad behavior, but does not forget easily. So nice to use them.
Give children the courage. Without courage, they can become confident. You can check out more of them bully natadera convinced that his side is good or bad, is always.

Commend them children any case. This will strengthen their self-confidence. Every child is different. But the direction in which all children know their parents. He praised all aspects of the highlights.
In addition, the study can teach music or dance. Boredom does not always follow routine one or two days a week in their mind will learn music or dance.
Teach different strategy. Tells the story read to imply, as taught in the sport. Ask the question again after a bit throughout the day. They will be able to read the mind for a long time.

Do not compare your child with others never. They suffer. The lecture will begin to fall again, it would be boring to them. So if you want to understand these different instructional tells the story.
Try to remember to ask them to read it again and again. Of such interest that they teach reading and trying to understand the question itself.

Keep reading the news on a regular basis at school, as well as how nature. Do not read too much time for teaching routine 3 times a day with the right to teach.
Remind children not to memorize without understanding the reason to teach in a row. They will be able to read it carefully.


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