The proper manner using an inhaler?



The indescribable importance to asthma patients. Many are members of our family, many of whom regularly use an inhaler. However, there are a lot of people complain that using the inhaler without getting any benefit, or frequently having to take an inhaler. Did you know, one of the main reasons may be incorrect manner using an inhaler?

Nearly one-third of the inhaler system is user error. Due to the manner in which the wrong inhaler remains at approximately 90% inahelda sabastensa. As a result, many rogikei frequently take an inhaler. Our objective today is to write the correct inhaler technique awareness. Let’s learn more about the earlier parts of inhalers.

According to the canisters in the upper part of an inhaler, which is emission of gas from the portion of the mouth piece. Mouth pisati are sealed with caps. To facilitate the understanding of readers in different parts of the picture is to be connected inhalers.

Let’s now do not know the rules properly use an inhaler.

1. Open the cap inhalers. Second: 1 Shake the inhaler well. Hold the inhaler straight way, so that the canisters are at the top.

II. At the Mouth pisati dentists, pressing her lips around the mouth can not be allowed to bite off However mauthapise.

Exhale 3dhire.

4. Give your head a little back recline, raise the chin a bit.

5erapara When you start to breathe through your mouth slowly, then the best way to kyanistare Press (1 bar). Take a breath and hold it for at least 3-5 seconds. Do not take the time to breathe through the nose.

6mukha to remove from the mouth piece. Hold breath for 10 seconds. Then Exhale slowly.

7erapara 1 minute to breathe normally. If necessary, the manner in which one can take an inhaler again.
o Some important words: If you see the accumulation of powder gas nihsbaranera place, then remove the inhaler clean. To clean the plastic inhaler canisters to open L sepada body. And caps the mouth piece of the hot water wash and air dry. After using the inhaler, and if you take too frequently, talk to your doctor. If your steroid inhaler is used. However, the use of inhalers ramifications of the mouth of the well and remove porter. You can also use the spacer.

Stay safe, stay healthy. I wish everyone good health.


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