Jim is very easy to learn at home an attractive figure 7 ways




Do you lean fat, it does not matter if you have an emergency interesting figure. You’ll see a lot of girls thick wavy figure is excellent, less weight, but others can be seen in figure shape is beautiful.

Beautiful akarsiniya like figure? Exercise at the gym or a strict diet Forget about crashing. Regardless of your weight, follow these 7 tips. Those with excess body fat, the fat, the figure will be a great fall. The ones who are not thin or beautiful shape of a figure, the figure will be perfect!

1) Delete the house once a day. Yes, you heard right / that you have done your homework and take it to the maid. This will make the room more interesting sepake mochai your figure, you do not have to do anything else! That will not be the case, and abdominal fat.

Ii) jharamochara house every day the work yourself. Starting from the grill on the balcony windows, ceilings do not exclude anything. It must be the work of the house, your body will be great.

3) his clothes in the wash himself. Not washing machine, hand. Body weight, as well as becoming a great view. Hand will be good exercise.

4) once a day, either lunch or dinner with a salad. Yogurt mixed with fruit and vegetable salad, healthy choice to make. It reduces excess fat in your body to keep you refreshed and beautiful.

5) Do not use the elevator and take the stairs fluctuations. At least a few times a day, split staircase. This is a beautiful shape to the waist heaps and are very effective. If you are not pleased with dance music from broken stairs.

6) jumping or skipping rope can play opportunity. In addition to your full body muscle tone, weight loss, and it works everywhere in the body as a beautiful figure sepake.

7) The whatever, adequate sleep and rest. In the absence of the rest of our body fat to accumulate around the place is ugly. However, the rest does not sit day and night, also note. The drink plenty of water. Akarsiniya matching pair of phigarake to reduce fat and weight. At the same time start eating more protein and less carbohydrate foods.


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