Your lips say about your health




Part of the beauty of the lips, but it says a lot about the general health. Yes, reveals much about the health of your lips apanarasarbika. Samasyakei indicate underlying health of your lips and blow dry. He says about the state of the lip daramatolajistara’re going to assume that.

1. Swollen lips

If you have swelling of your lips can be caused by your lipistikera new syadera. The allergic response may be swelling of the lips. Reaction from your diet can be sometimes. Keith DDS Dentistry of Manhattan seina arabeitamyana arabeitamyana and said, “The swelling of the lips is a sign of allergic reaction.” Initially your lips look larger than usual, and will begin to khacakhaca. Arabeitamyana added, “It seems that if your lips swell emanababhabe imarajensite then you need to go duck lips”.

II. Cleft lip

If you suffer from malnutrition, it can be understood without seeing your lips. If your lips are dry suddenly burst into. Then you probably zinc, iron, vitamin B-3 and B-6 suffers from deficit. And board member of the American Academy of Certified daramatolaji daramatolajista and MD dayane medapheja said, but sometimes try to eat healthy food can be a major nutrients missing.

This type of gap can be expressed on the lips. You can eat red meat for the cure. Because red meat is rich in iron and zinc. If you do not eat red meat, fish, eggs and green vegetables you can eat. Blood tests to find out whether you are suffering from nutritional deficit made it.

3. Mouth sores

If you are in stress all the time have the possibility to see your lips and blow. If you’re tired all the time or you’ve been working too much can lead to sore lips. Lip sore anywhere in the mouth that indicates the likelihood of developing cancer. If you need quick medical attention is often on the lips sore. It is easy to cure if the cancer is detected early.

4. Dry lips

Lip dry weather just does not absorb moisture, which can be caused by dehydration. If you suffer panisunyataya can show your lips dry.

5. Swelling of the lips

During the cold lips of pain associated with the rash. This part of the upper lip swollen, indicating weakness in the immune system.

6. Crack in the corner of the mouth

If your saliva over the corner of the lip crack may occur. If you use loose mat or saliva dentists do not have control over the lip corners are too wet. East may be causing infection. East born oisthane creates cracks.

7. Pale lips

Both heart and lung conditions that affect blood flow, the amount of oxygen. When oxygen is reduced too much, and looks bluish lips. Pale pink lips enemiyara common side effect.


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