4 to 8-year-old child’s parents do list



I have tried to write this article today in the light of the experience of surround. I hope those who have children in this age group and the age of the home leg is going to be for them helpaphula. Children are innocent, gentle, green clay can shape the way you want it. So we have a lot of responsibility to their guardian.

When should parents of children violates the rules bajhano very simply and briefly. The children do not understand the very complex and very quickly loses interest. First tell me what’s wrong with that? And of course, the logical and minimphula mistake will be punished. He’s not wearing it while cycling helmeta 12 day cycle will not be able to play. Or if he does not want to share toys with whom she can play with the toy.

This is for children from the age of the routine and try to comply with. He woke up fresh as the morning itself, to breakfast. Before going to sleep at night is fresh, brush teeth, read a beautiful story book to fall asleep. All the time in the middle of TV, video games, sports physical place for the allocation.
“You should not sit in front of the computer for more than an hour.

kariya gossip too fine minds yayatara children who grow up thinking it’s normal to feel that way. kid 3
Considering the age of the children started going to school for 4 to 5 years. And this time we (the parents) are to stem the Foolish. The pleasures of reading to children, and we know that the spirit of competition into the mara do. Do not eat to stay competitive spirit, but his nose dipped class-deye pharstabaya / girl’s illness is nothing but the mind. It will create interest in the study of children during this time.

There are many parents who are teaching the kids down at night with the thought that it would Mind climbing, so it’s no problem to the child. But once you think about all these formative age, our parents taught us awake at night! In all, at the end of the day, which in fact is nothing he does not have the patience to read the night’s end, as usual, was angry mother. Sometimes it does not stick to beat. Finally, both the mind and the heart to go to sleep is bad for your health and will not bring good results.
However the time has come to change the habit.


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