Tilatila the plastic products you are pushing die!



The day is almost 0 million plastic bottles are sold every five minutes. Feel free to tell the whole world that the most widely used plastic materials. But a new study shows that plastic sudden death of people poured slowly.

We have long been aware that the water is better than bottled water or mineral water in general, because it is pure and full of vitamins. Usually the water bottle filled with tap water environment abandhaba accession process, it is pure. In fact, only plastic bottles rather than plastic bottles in addition to the fact that the product is dangerous for the people. Therefore, the use of plastic materials in the packet before the skin is very important to read and sign. How can you use your plastic product is safe? To learn the procedure.

Plastic products for the various symbols and its meaning – if all of you will see a little noticed that the bottom of any good quality water bottle inside a triangle symbol or a word that has been given a number. 1 to 7 of the sign originated in the bottle, you’ll realize it really is safe.

If the number is 1 – if 1 is written on the bottle, it is known as PET or PETE, which means the content can be used only once. Because different countries einvironmental protection agency (EPA), according to the re-use of these materials may be out of the harmful chemicals. Heavy metals emitted from a type of plastic that can be called antimony, which can interfere with the action of hormones in our bodies. It can enter the body from cancer-causing substances foot

If you have two numbers: – If you write it, the plastic material inside the Triangle is known as HDPE or HDP, which is considered to be of good quality plastic. This is because the quality of plastic other plastic does not emit chemicals that come in contact with water.

If the number is 3 – V or PVC type if it is written on the bottle 3. It means that there are two types of toxic chemicals in our body can affect haramonake. However, types of PVC plastic material has been in use all over the world.

If the number 4 is: – LDPE plastics are 4 types of numbers. This means it comes in contact with water, do not emit any kind of chemicals. Although the vast majority of them are the most plastic bag.

If the number is 5: – PP or 5 numbers, good quality plastic. Seeing this white color quality of plastics is known. It is time to see a lot of very transparent. PP plastic cup of yogurt and syrup bottles can be seen in most cases.

If the number is 6 – 6, although the writing of plastic materials, which emit cancer causing substance called STIREN. Yet this kind of plastic mug of coffee as well as a variety of food packets and is used to.

If the number is 7 – Finally, there is nothing on the outside of the plastic type of plastic known as the PC. Without some level of plastic in any way should not be used without written because BPA is emitted from these types of plastic. BPA is bisphenol A, which is the full name of the chemical substances used in the industrial sector, and it is very harmful for our body. Unfortunately, the kind of plastic food to keep PC, as well as a variety of sports drinks bottles, etc., are used. And the worst thing is that it is being used to make baby bottles.

Therefore, the content of plastics, 4 or 5 can be used safely, but if that is the number 1,3,6 or 7, if there is to be understood that using the content of the dangerous chemicals that enter the body. So we’re going to be cautious. Loved ones to live and save yourself from the harmful effects of the chemical elements.


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