Skin care will reduce the appearance of age in a pyakei impression!



Wrinkles, pollution and the rapid appearance of irregularities that the impression of age. Pulled a pack a week to restore the natural appearance of pomp use. You’ll see, very easily come back to your skin complexion. Because the material is used to create the pack, they will work on your skin antioxidant. The skin wrinkles disappear in less than 10 years old at least, it would seem!

Natural ways to create and how to use the pack, he was given some advice about boldaskai Lifestyle section of the website.

Which will

Three tablespoons of rice, a tablespoon of milk and one tablespoon of honey.

How to Create

Wash the rice well with water. Now the rice in a pan of water, bring to a boil for 10 minutes. Remove from the oven before the rice is fully cooked to shed water. The three tablespoons of cooked rice in a bowl of water. It is now one tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of milk and mix well with the pack.

How to Use

Wait until dry and put the face of the pack. 0 after 15 minutes Wash the face with boiled rice water.


1. Take the time to use cold boiled rice water.

II. 0 minutes after washing with water mudha rice face wash with plain water.

3. Apply this face pack over a week on a regular basis. See, your face will return to the same pomp.

How effective this pack?

The loss of natural skin pack away and bring back rid of wrinkles and skin complexion. In addition, the tight and smooth skin to reduce the appearance of signs of age.


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